Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Journey Begins...

This all started because I enjoy cooking and love food even more. I had a repertoire of about 5 meals, one of those I was never allowed to cook because my wife Sar, and my housemate Luke complained I used too much chorizo. What they didn't realise was the well known fact that too much chorizo is never enough! So I wanted to expand my cooking skills and also try some interesting and new dishes along the way.

Another factor that has allowed this adventure to begin is that Sar works later than I do, and I consistently have at least an hour in the afternoons before she arrives home (case in point - right now). So instead of turning on the telly and wasting that hour, I have been googling recipe ideas and then cooking something I have never tried before with the obligatory glass of wine or a cold beer.

The problem, as Sar can attest to, is that sometimes I can be a little bit indecisive. So to give me some guidance as to which recipe to choose each night I figured I would do it the easy way - alphabetically. That is to say I will choose a meal from every country in the world: Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. And that is essentially what this blog will be about - my Food Odyssey (Foodyssey).

The obvious benefits of this plan are that I get to experience culinary combinations and techniques that I have never heard of or tried before (like bacon and banana - awesome!) I inadvertently learn a bit about each country as I go, and of course I get kudos for having a meal either prepared or cooking when Sar gets home.

Bon Voyage Appetit!


  1. Love it Prickles - I'll definitely be following your culinary adventure and trying out some receipes along the way!! xo

  2. Mate, very commedable especially if you (with what appears to be a little help from the fam) get through every one!
    If this turns into a Julie & Julia type movie, I at least want to have had the pleasure of trying one of the meals first. I like the letter C.....

  3. Good Morning Nick(Night there I think),

    Thanks for the comment you left on Myhungrytum.com. I appreciated hearing from you and you now join the club of fellow bloggers doing more or less the same thing. I have a blogroll on the home page of my blog called "cooking the world" with a series of different takes on the global cooking adventure. I am adding your blog to this list. Drop me a line at myhungrytum@gmail.com and we can compare notes and I will be happy to help you with any kitchen magic you need help with. :)

    Talk to you...Eric > Myhungrytum.com