About Foodysseus

There are many food blogs out there, and there are many travel blogs out there; this one is different.

Before embarking on this journey, my kitchen repertoire consisted of 'bachelor surprise' which is essentially sausage in a microwave pasta meal; and spaghetti bolognese from the jar. Reading a food blog by a celebrity chef might be inspiring, but often I found that I either couldn't source or afford the exotic ingredients, or my kitchen wasn't equipped with the specialist equipment that was required. When I tried to substitute ingredients or methods, the results were very mixed.

I have done a little travelling, and there is a lot more of the world that I would love to see, but work, family, money, time, and many other constraints mean that most of the travelling that I do is from my home in  Casuarina, to my work in Murwillumbah on the far north coast of New South Wales. This wouldn't lead to a particularly interesting travel blog - barring of course Tropical Fruit World, and until recently Melaleuca Station (now a crematorium).

This blog was born out of a desire to learn more about the world with it's multitude of people and cultures, and to bring some of that knowledge to my kitchen through the food that people eat on a daily basis. The recipes that I will cook are not necessarily the national dish of each country, but are recipes that use readily accessible ingredients, and are for the most part, healthy enough that they can be eaten on a day to day basis. I hope by reading this, that some people are inspired to begin their own 'foodyssey'. Others may be inspired to travel to a part of the world they knew little about before reading about it here. First and foremost though, I am writing this blog because I enjoy, and hopefully others enjoy reading it.

Bon Voyage Appetit.